2019 Finalists

2019 Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists for the Wicked Young Writer Awards 2019!

Please find your name below if you have been selected into the final. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 20th June and you will be invited by email to attend.

Well done to the 4 schools with the highest numbers of entries too. They are:

  • The Priory Academy LSST, Lincoln
  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School, Essex
  • Devonshire House Prep School. London

Thank you very much for taking part in the competition. If you have been unsuccessful this year, please do keep writing and try again next year. We’d love to keep reading your entries!

5-7 years category
Anika Pappu
Blake Cassidy
Chloe Ava Meitern
Darshan Buttar
Eve Robinson RUNNER UP
Iman Oozeerally
Laura Jannova
Leo Wiseman RUNNER UP
Lita Tuli
Luc Orji
Marco Maguregi-Fleming WINNER
Mario Pratico
Owen Hume
Ralph Campbell
Rohan Barbier-Ramaiah
Scarlett Beetham
Scarlett Manami Mash
Sebastian Goodyer
Seth Arscott
William McCauley-Tinniswood

8 – 10 Years category
Adam Rafael Holmes
Amelie Ward
Ananta Kaur
Cooper Mavin
Georgina Williams
Gracie Dillon
Harry Holmes
Helena Wang
Humreen Ellens WINNER
Imogen Gray
Isabel Coombes Aw-Yong
Jada Patrick
Julie Grandjean
Khadija Hussain
Kyle Morrow RUNNER UP
Leyla Gottschalk
Libby Laredo
Max Craven
Sema Rijab
Zak Boniface

11 – 14 years category
Abby Cladingboel
Anna Elfick
Annie McCrory RUNNER UP
Bella Fox
Briony Thomson
Catriona Eke
Dominic Adams
Jennifer Allen WINNER
Kaniz Fatima
Kara Kalyan
Kate Hutton
Leo Sheppard
Madeleine Hubert
Matthew Middleton
Nell McLachlan
Phoebe Bedford
Poppy Froud
Ronya Edwards
Rosie Wood
William Gillett

15-17 years category
Abbie Childs
Abi Pugh
Adam Ahmed- Mekky
Aiken Sharratt
Alfred Morris
Ali Taylor RUNNER UP
André de Bere
Anna Maunder
Bandit Edward Morris
Charlotte Gardhouse
Emma Owen
Kelsey Nichol
Lotus Singh Hall
Lucy Dinning WINNER
Lucy Yates
Megan Rutter
Nell Davies
Polly Hughes
Sasha Campbell
Syeda Fatima Kazmi

18-25 years category
Amy Prendergast
Anna-Roisin Ullman-Smith
Caitlin Palmer
Chloe Larby
Emily Collins RUNNER UP
Emma Goodbody
Esther Butterworth
Jack Johnston
Josephine Ozier
Kristen Hawke WINNER
Lucky Nisha Uddin
Megan Walden
Nicoletta Ferdenzi
Ravena Guron
Simon Collins
Sophie Poulter
Sophie Wilding
Tomi Haffety
Victoria MacLeod
Zara Lindsay

For Good category
Alannah Marsden
Alice Kemp
Amber O' Connor
Beth MacLeod
Bethany Wilson WINNER
Chian Ying Xuan
Claire Joicey
Danielle Walsh
Ffion-Hâf Davies
Grace Noakes
Hannah Hodgson RUNNER UP
Heather Boyle
Jessica Boot
Joe Banfield
Kathryn Smith
Lee Henriques
Linda Arrighi
Maja-Isabella Hanrahan
Robyn Noble
Sasha Campbell