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5-7 Age Category

WINNER: Adam Rafael Holmes
Auntie Helen Has Gone To Heaven
RUNNER UP: Rosa Little
The Four Seasons
Alistair Murray
Harry's Quest
Delilah Harris Cobain
The Story of Delilah's Shoes
Ella Whitehall
The Fairy Who Was Scared of Her Own Magic
Emily Parker
The Sad Elephant
Farrah Proud
Farrah's Snow Poem
Fern Brindle
Rosie Roars
Harry Douse
The Secret Door
Ivy-Jane Pursglove
Lizzy and The Magic Shoe
Jack Palmer
The Enchanted Briefcase
Jake Gooch
It's a Very Windy Day
Jasmin Rybarikova
The Flower Child
Maaz Qureshi
The Friendly Witch
Ollie Helm
The Anti-Clock Wise Clock
Rosa Swarbrick
The Clumsiest Witch
Safah Evans
Sleep Peacefully
Sasha Byles
Manor Farm
Sophia Hoyland-Roots
The Rainbow World
Thia Grice
Tuesday Mornings

8-10 Age Category

Indigo's Adventures With Love
JOINT WINNER: Miranda Tansley
The Suffragettes of Tunbridge Wells
Abizer Dungerpurwala
Facing My Fears, Living My Dreams
Alex Jansen
The Journey
Alice Brandon
The Hidden Chamber
Anna Porteous
The Last Letter?
Anoushka Sharma
Catch me, catch me, falling from the pages of a book.
Ava Matilda Browne
The Trench
Chloe Thompson
The Jooboos
Funmi U
I Miss You
Hiba Khan
The right to life
Luca Sand
Not just a Human Body!
Lola West
Diary of a Girl in the War
Maya Sturgeon
The Jousting Competition
Na'ilah Christmas
Kogo's Hero Dragon
Oona Wicks
The Lantern Maker
Poppy Fox-Thompson
The Outbreak of Death
Rose Leahy
Off To The World
Sophie Dickinson
The Story of Alpha
Stanley Morris

11-14 Category

WINNER: Isla Siggs
A spot of bother
Abigail Bregman
An invisible friendship
Aleksander Pavlov
The Refugee
Annie McCrory
Secret of the Subway
Asha Joshi
Fire at the Factory
Chloe Keenor
A Tiger's Tale
Millie Head
Rain in the Winter
Esther Tuson
The camera
Francesca Connelly
Missed Connection
Freya Hartley
Grace Brett
India-Amethyst Thakrar
Silhouettes of Dying Hope
India Amethyst Thakrar
The horse Slaughterers of Animal Farm
Matthew Jordan
Back in Time For Tea?
Melissa Stuart
Selection of Haikus
Raffie Chapman
Sucked In
Sara Zaynab Hajilou
The Day I Fell Into My Tea
Seren-Medi Purnell
The Piano
Sophie Blake
You and me
Susannah Pearce
Good Deed

15-17 Age Category

WINNER: Julia McGrattan
Perfectly Unstable
RUNNER UP: Ilana Pearce
Why don't you just stop?
Alice Jewitt
Lost in Darkness
Alice Vaughn
The Lakeside
Ashley Zimunya
Bethany Lloyd
Last of your Kisses
Blaithin McGuiness
Charlotte Williams
The Empty Vaults
Emily Howard
After such knowledge, what forgiveness?
Hannah Pace
Under the knife
Hannah Rai
A Brief Goodbye
Isha Lamba
Shared Paradise
Jessica McIntosh
Joshua Blanco
The Note
Kayleigh Crawford
Lewis Brocklehurst
The Forest
Miles Smith
Radio Stone
Oliver Hulme
The Bookstore of Eden
Saffron Carmichael
Kokova Island
Sam Baker
The Poppy and the Vickers
Amy Taylor

18-25 Age Category

WINNER: Claire Joicey
The Attic
Aimee White
A Meticulous Murder
Alisha Nicole Dempsey
Anna-Roisin Ullman-Smith
Claire Joicey
The Prisons
David Hitchings
He Dances To a Crooked Song
Georgia Hakin
Rooting Through Memories
Hannah Ridley
Imogen Hargreaves
The Crossroad
Jenny Pavitt
The Unteachable
Laura Brockway
Laura Noakes
What happened here
Madeleine Wagner
The Stars You Can't See
Magpie Holtzmann
War Wraith
Helia Daryani
Ring of Fire
Tyler Elizabeth Turner
Nadia Ali
The Woman
Olivia Brinkley
The Price of a Puffin
Olivia Sandwell
Amazing Grace
Sophie McNaughton


The FOR GOOD Award for Non-Fiction has been introduced to encourage 15-25 year olds to write essays or articles that celebrate the positive impact that people can have on each other, their community and the world we live in.

WINNER: Scarlett Rushton
Bus 305
Alice Walker
Beth Fiducia-Brookes
We Can All Be Helpers
Carolyn McClements
Educating For Life
Charlotte Brindley
The Universal Truth
Charlotte Williams
Dear Past Me
Claire Joicey
Just Listen
Emer O'Toole
A Good Year?
Emma King
Something Borrowed
Erin McCrossan
Death Is But The Next Great Adventure
Grace McKinlay
Trailblazers: From Ska to Sci-fi
Khadijah Ahmed
A Paranormal Experience
Megan Lofthouse-Mason
Naomi Kingston
We Are 'Normal'
Niamh O'Mahony
Risa Cooper
The Malala Fund
Rochelle Bisson
Good At Heart
Rochelle Bisson
Time To Talk
Seonade Sparey